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News :- Mrs Neera Shastri was born on October 13, 1955 in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. :: Mrs Neera Shastri was born on October 13, 1955 in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.
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Daughter- in -Law of Sh. Lal Bahadur Shastri
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Our future plan
Our future Plan
When I see my Delhi, I see better roads, sprawling gardens, less chaos on the roads, a corruption free work environment, booming businesses, more temples of modern India in the form of schools and colleges, modern infrastructure and most importantly happy faces. I see a Delhi at par with any other developed city of the world. I see the new and fast changing face of Delhi; that of a world city from a walled city.
My vision for my city is:
  • To make Delhi an environment friendly city

  • To empower the women of Delhi by providing them with education and employment facilities

  • To make Delhi a safe and secure city for women to live and work in by making the laws against atrocities towards them more stringent

  • To establish free educational centres for the under privileged

  • To provide uninterrupted supply of water and electricity and also ensure an accurate billing system for electricity and water

  • To sensitize the police forces and the various law enforcing agencies

  • To establish more educational institutes to support the population of the city

  • To empower all citizens with the right to information

  • To have a future vision in mind and continuously build up and improve the basic infrastructure and civic amenities like electricity, water, roads, transport, communication facilities, community centres, street lighting, sewage, security and sanitation

  • To promote Delhi as a hub of culture and fine arts
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